What kind of clothes should I wear?

The main thing to think about is how you will use your portrait and the image you want to portray. More often than not, your “business image” is very different than your “friends and family” image. When you look good you feel good – dress to impress. Straight collars photograph better for men and solid colors work better than most patterns for the ladies.

Do you have a dressing room at the studio?

We do suggest coming in dressed and ready to go and making minor touch-ups if needed before we start. However, we have a private dressing room available to use before your appointment if you are unable to get ready early.

How long will my appointment take?

Mark out about 30 minutes…that should be plenty of time.

I need a couple different looks for different uses. Can I change clothes and “change it up” during the session?

You bet! We encourage you to take advantage of you time while you are here!

When will I pick out my picture?

You will review your images immediately after they are made and make your image selection before you leave.

Is retouching extra?

No way! Image enhancements are free! We have expert artists that know how to make you looked refreshed but not plastic. Stray hairs, blemishes and skin imperfections will magically disappear!

How long does it take to get my final image?

You should have you final image in about 48 business hours from your session….sometimes faster!

Do I have to come back to the studio to pick up my picture?

Your finished images will be email directly to you when they are ready.